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"I have evaluated many tools so far and I find yours is very useful and priced much lower than others. Some of the tools I looked at are $3000 or $4000 and don't do much more than yours."

Bob Mohler, IBM Global Services, Dallas/USA

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JStudio SiteWalker 3.0.1 released ! More comfortable. More power.
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About JStudio

Web projects with rapid and agile development in increasingly complex environments requires clear and efficient processes and tools that ensure the quality of all achieved results permanentely. With our product JStudio SiteWalker we will be a competent partner at your side.

A lot of automation tools and libraries available on the market often uses proprietary script languages or requires programming skills often only one or two people within a project might have. A lot of time is needed to get in touch with all this before creating tests - in the end, often automation is not used, because creating and maintaining automated tests is too expensive. Avoid ending up with testing practise that way... we are convinced that we will reduce those typical project risks significantly.

We created JStudio SiteWalker to be better tuned to the needs of your team than the competition at a price that isn't a real price comparing to our competitor's prices. Additional using JStudio SiteWalker Standard Edition is completely for free. Since 2003 with JStudio we are facing up successfully to your requirements regarding quality and functionality. With our customers we want to go further on this successful way. Your satisfaction is our main goal doing this.

All experience we made when developing & testing many web projects leads to the idea of JStudio SiteWalker, the automization of web applications for multiple purposes. It's a real allrounder and high flexible standard software - comfortable and easy to use.

Now JStudio SiteWalker is an approved and powerful solution for doing a lot of tasks around automating websites. A lot of suggestions given by users has been already integrated. And that is your benefit: JStudio SiteWalker is a standard software but your requirements are giving the direction for developing it. JStudio SiteWalker 3.0 is just a further step - to approach to your requirements.