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Bob Mohler, IBM Global Services, Dallas/USA

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JStudio SiteWalker 3.0.1 released ! More comfortable. More power.
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Release History

---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • NEW: Entering input values automatically also for input elements, type "file"
    using object sensitive HTML element access
  • NEW: Label edit of projekt pane items with key F2
  • FIX: Displayed system time is not stopped by online state change
  • NEW: GUI & Dialogs completely upgraded by visual styles
  • CHG: Changes license management. The product has been completely new structured and splitted into 2 versions that enables testing & automation in basic (Standard Edition) and enhanced (Professional Edition) way.
  • NEW: Enhanced extraction by using single attributes selection of each HTML elements
  • CHG: Changes parameter syntax using command line to support hyphen char within folder and file definitions
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • CHG: Steps with references to HTML element within the browser will reload and update attributes only once when applying to the project. Opening the configuration dialog of existing steps will not update it's attributes.
  • CHG: Output message when executing analog Macro
  • CHG: Detection nullable attribute for db fields accessing schema information at runtime without Select query.
  • CHG: Detection attributes of db fields during runtime, executing INSERT statements
    using schema information without Select query.
  • FIX: Switching statement definition from INSERT to UPDATE if record already exists - did not re-switch to INSERT again when record has been deleted.
  • NEW: Value attribute for all HTML input control elements available for using as reidentifyer attribute.
  • NEW: Proceeding running navigations up from specified element in Step By Step mode (Debug).
  • NEW: Help message when applying HTML input control elements as steps
  • FIX: Avoiding display of Online Process Pane and Quick Shortbar Pane when playing analog Macos when those windows has been disabled
  • FIX: Applyment of onChange event handlers of HTML input control elements, if specified.
    Note: when parsing the page again without refreshing it the event handler can not detected anymore.
  • FIX: Deleting parameter values when closing the globale paramter profile dialog and only one profile exists corrected.
  • FIX: Array error after removing browser tabs manuelly or by script during running Auto Navigation
  • FIX: Identfifying goto references when importing/ copying of Task and Step elements even if no goto definition has been specified.
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • CHG: Locking of Save process while executing a Task Iteration to avoid permanent changes of Excel cell references.
  • CHG: Incrementation of Excel references during Task Iteration also for Steps, they will not be executed during runtime because of Goto or break definitions to ensure reference synchronization.
  • CHG: Updating Goto reference definitions on copy and import actions relying to the currect parent
    Task if reference can be resolved for old reference relation.
  • NEW: New re-identifier attribute "TypeIndex" to access on HTML elements from collection of elements with same tag type.
  • NEW: Activate Incrementation for Excel references, when Steps with Excel references are inserted into Tasks with activated Task Iteration.
  • FIX: Assertions, defined with Quick Validator are not validated correctly during scheduled Task execution.
  • FIX: Goto & Break definitions are not executed during scheduled Task execution.
  • FIX: Deleting parameter tabs created at the current session might crash.
  • NEW: Complete Parameter Profile can be copied.
  • NEW: Single confirmation for copying multiple Step elements.
  • NEW: Flexible window size of detail status dialog box.
  • FIX: SQL definitions having identical Step name attribute and targeting collumn name occures errors
    while generating SQL statement
  • FIX: Error message if steps are specified within a SQL statement those names are not unique the mission project.
    SQL statements uses step names therefor unique names are necessary for valid statements.
  • NEW: Display opend file name in application title bar
  • NEW: File specification for output files and test result report files can be variable by using
    Global Parameters
  • FIX: Set parameter values by step output corrected.
  • FIX: Reset parameter definition on step configuration (remove assignment) corrected nicht möglich
  • CHG: Tab key enabled to use tabs within JavaScript Editor
  • NEW: Display parent frame documents name on step configuration dialogs header bar
  • FIX: Quick-JavaScript expressions will be applied (kept) when updating the step by refreshing re-identifier attributes
  • NEW: Display Task-/ Step elements key values on selection dialogs
  • NEW: Notification at status bar when moving the mouse cursor over HTML elementes, those events are necessary to ensure authentical dynamically behaviour of recorded elements
  • NEU: Caption suggestion when applying new Navigation Steps
  • CHG: Reset window pane size before starting recording or playing analoge Macros
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: Sitewalker crashes while loading StartUp-Managers if system
    desktop display settings are different from Windows default.
    (Font size <> 96 dpi/ individual desktop resolution configuration)
  • FIX: Deleting the script file definition string at step configuration dialog
    does not raise deleting the script from Mission Project Pane
  • FIX: Building relative paths when built path and current active folder are
    different does not work correctly
  • FIX: Validation of Task name to ensure windows filename conditions
  • FIX: Displaying context menu in Document Structure Pane when selecting then
    root node fixed.
  • FIX: Application start by file name associated double click does not enable
    execution of single Navigation-Tasks
  • FIX: Element references included in quick validation Goto definitions
    are applied and adjusted when copying the step to the
    referred element, if the referred element has also been copyied or
    already exists within the target Task step sequence.
  • FIX: Accessing elements within IFrame elements enabled/corrected.
  • FIX: Task must be started with new browser tab to display network authentication
    dialog (NTLM Basic Authentication)
  • FIX: Accessing MySQL databases and execution of SQL statements by using driver MyODBC enabled.
  • FIX: Failed result will also be set when only one element specified within a loop/ iteration structure has failed and following elements has not.
  • FIX: Break button state in tool bar enabled and refreshed during runtime
  • CHG: Dialogs which enables opening and saving files from folders will be
    intialized and set to the current folder, if no file path definition
    already exists or to the file path, if a file path definition has
    specified before
  • CHG: Pressing 'Cancel' on StartUp Manager dialog does not open a project file
  • NEW: Quick JavaScript Expression without file definition
  • NEW: Enabled/ disabled HTML element event handlers
  • NEW: Parameter & Parameter Profiles provides using variable values within Mission Project
    definition for using in different environments.
  • NEW: Activating/ deactivating Navigation Tasks for mission project execution from context menu
  • NEW: character patterns for wildcard definition supported for Step element
    identifier specification
  • NEW: Saving test results in XML file supported
  • NEW: Saving customized window panes size for using settings on next
    application start. Can be reset to window pane default size.
  • NEW: Last opened mission project files are listed in Startup Manager
  • NEW: Navigation delay time after start URL of Navigation Task has been loaded
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: Frame document selection for Navigation Task Start Url definition
  • FIX: Validierung / comparison without blank characters
  • FIX: Lunching batch files or programs process for Task built fixed
  • FIX: Matching of HTML elements when Position Index found without validating
    further activated attributes corrected
  • FIX: Processing relative path for built files
  • FIX: File Association and opeing via double click in Windows XP fixed
  • FIX: Display error of input controls of Quick Validator when scrollbar
    is active fixed
  • CHG: Start URL for Navigation Tasks can be specified optional
  • CHG: Meni items are disabled on running Auto Navigation (depending
    on context)
  • CHG: Display all compilation errors in Script Editor console
  • CHG: Enable/ Disable start/break button for Navigation depending to
    navigation state
  • CHG: Self closing browser windows will be suppressed, if only one
    single Browset tab element is about to remain
  • NEW: Text attribute for re-identification of HTML elements available
  • NEW: Optional tracking of script errors occuring inside webdocuments
    when running navigation as test case failure
  • NEW: Selection of opened browsers and contained frame windows for testing
    user defined JavaScript code
  • NEW: Copy, insert and delete of Steps to any Navigation Task
  • NEW: Muliple selection of Navigation Steps to copy, remove complete
    scenarios as sequence of steps
  • NEW: Updating Step elements re-identifier attributes when site and their
    base HTML element has changed
  • NEW: Screenshots on test case failures or errors to be included in test
  • NEW: HTML Tags, existing only once per definition in web document do not need
    activation of re-identifier attributes
  • NEW: Mission Projekt collapse deature
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: Validation on HTML-Tag crashes
  • FIX: Switch for different Step types is not displayed correctly and permanentely
    in Step configuration dialoge
  • FIX: Task-Iteration available for Excel on validation with file values
  • FIX: Navigation Tasks can not be created without URL definition
  • FIX: Generate layout errors in HTML test report after executing GoTo
    by Navigation Tasks
  • CHG: Display Dialog box when no Navigation Task is selected on applying
    Step elements
  • CHG: HTML elements loaded within the browser will not be read originally when
    changes are done
  • CHG: After accomplishing Mission Navigation the mission tree will be reset
    to the state displayed before starting
  • CHG: Type property of Input elements available as reidentifier
  • NEW: Changing region settings for digit separation for synchronization with
    Excel settings
  • NEW: Import of Navigation Tasks into Mission-Projekt
  • NEW: Enhanced validation with Like Operator
  • NEW: Relative paths editable for all external file sources of
  • NEW: File assoziation for *.wcd-Files. JStudio SiteWalker will open them
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: Script assignment for step which StepID > 32000 fixed
  • FIX: Saving to Excel cell disabled on deactivated cell highlight.
  • FIX: Optimizing memory when parsing documents and on executing scheduled
    Auto Navigations
  • NEW:Dialog based validation of websites content by defining Assertions;
    Comparing static values or content from files (text and Excel) enabled
  • CHG: Advanced Step- and Task-Duplication for new configuration features
  • CHG: Failed attribut display of not found HTML elements
  • CHG: Default configuration changed: Access denied frames are not reloaded
    separately in default. Access optimization for second level domain frames
  • CHG: All kind of Steps changeable to Step type 'Source Step' for saving or
    validating elements content also for navigation and input elements
  • FIX: Menu diplay comment blocks JavaScript
  • NEW: Automatic reparsing for not parsed HTML content on first access
  • NEW: Customized exit of navigation when validation failed
  • NEW: GoTo statements, depending on validation results for Tasks & Steps
    allows defining Navigation Tasks modules
  • NEW: Advanced Inline Declares JavaScript integrates Break- & Goto-
  • NEW: Step by step Execution of Navigation Tasks
  • CHG: Line feeds on description text enabled
  • NEW: Automatic applyment of scheduled Tasks, depending on Mission-Konfiguration
  • NEW: Negative Stop index for Loop Steps enables table structure elements to
    terminate relative loops
  • NEW: Enhanced Step Loops also for TR and TABLE-elements
  • NEW: Wait delay for any Step customizable
  • FIX: Fixed objects and attributes display for JavaScript intellisense
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: Defined Insert Declares used for DOM variables crashes the application, if
    file is reloaded and variable is activated by intellisense again.
  • FIX: Catch error, if invalid HTML-Element without reference is about to be displayed from Structure Pane.
  • FIX: Optimized recording of navigations (applying HTML eelements to Navigation Tasks)
  • FIX: Optimized recording on coordinates due deaktivation red frames when recording with Analoge Macro
  • FIX: Holding ActiceX OLE reference pointing to Excel, occures display 'freeze' errors although Excel has been closed
  • FIX: Iteration of cell references invalid when using Task Itertaion and Dynamic Loop Steps together.
    Also problems occures on sheet names containing digits.
  • FIX: Saving/ importing with many different Excel-files sometimes failed.
    Error occures when handling different Files and worksheets on finding the right one.
  • FIX: JavaScript Editor: enabling/ disabling syntax coloring
  • FIX: GUI display error Windows XP (Silver Luna), some controls displayed incorrectly
  • FIX: Double save selected values of Select boxes corrected.
    Note: When using navigations operating on Select boxes recorded with earlier version of JStudio SiteWalker
    double values should be eliminated manually from mission file.
  • FIX: StartUp Manager, register Examples, displayed invalid list of files on Windows XP
  • FIX: Suppression of page script error dialogs on Auto Navigations and tracing the message in Output Console.
  • FIX: Update list of Bookmark Tasks in button menu on changing Task names
  • FIX: Lost focus on Setup dialogs sometimes occures. This Windows behaviour has been compensated by setting focus explicitely.
  • FIX: Using more than 32 Navigation Task within the mission project failed in some functions
    because of wrong datatype for Task key value.
  • FIX: Selecting value from Select boxes. If option value includes char ':' the value hasn't been found on navigation runtime.
  • NEW: Definition of Test Cases unsing Inline Declares in JavaScript files 'Fail', 'Prompt', 'Return'
  • FIX: Macro delay after playing enabled.
  • FIX: Maximizing browser window size before playing a recorded Macro to ensure static coordinates settings.
  • FIX: Crashing on Auto Navigation, if existing project files are used on computers having a different folder structure than the one the recording has be done. Many error messages shows wrong path and file names.
  • NEW: Variable $AppPath for using relative path settings of Mission Project files on different computers
  • NEW: Running Auto Navigations in second mode - as Test Case.
  • NEW: Advanced Output Console and 2 types of Testreports.
  • NEW: Sensitive error messages when defining SQL statements
  • NEW: Re-Identifier values of HTML navigation elements can be handled more flexible by using blind chars (* =string, ? = single char) (e.g. for Session IDs)
  • NEW: Optional saving when using SQL statements. If data already exists statment switches automatically
    to update statement to update the record instead of inserting one.
  • NEW: Added attribut re-odentifier 'Text' for hyperlinks.
  • NEW: ShortCut Menu Bar allowing newbees handle the cernel features as simple as it can be.
  • NEW: Command line start with parameter project file name allows executing JStudio SiteWalker from prompt
    or batch file. Return values represents the state of the executed Mission Project.
  • NEW: Changing fonts for Script Editor possible.
  • NEW: Online Feedback Form to prolong trial period for additional 30 days, when sending us a short feedback. Thank your!
  • NEW: Changed licence warranties. Lasting, but restricted software edition when trial period has expired.
    Short notification dialog is displayed when starting.
  • NEW: DOM Node element added to ScriptEditor Intellisense lists.
  • NEW: User defined static list of Task addresses (URLs) for using on Task Iteration
  • NEW: Display context sensitive task options in Status bar
  • NEW: Display details of traced output messages in own dialog box.
  • NEW: Languages (German / English) can be selected from program settings
  • NEW: Catchable modal dialog boxes in browser and possibility to define static input values to
    automate user interaction of dialogs (alert/ prompt/ confirm).
  • NEW: ShortCut input defining Excel cell reference in Steps dialog without browsing the same file.
  • CHG: New StatusBar.The old one has blocked the dynamic menu 'Favorites' due to subclassing .
  • CHG: All menues recreated and new features added to menues.
  • CHG: No static size of Excel application window anymore when launching by JStudio SiteWalker
  • CHG: Optimized event handling & dynamic sensitivity of activated HTML elements within Mission Designer
    browser. Elements events and red highlighting does not occures conflicts to each other.
  • CHG: Dialog Program Settings completely redesigned.
  • CHG: GUI, Icons, Images, Controls completely recreated.
  • CHG: Reduced memory requierements of parsed documents because of handling elements more directly based
    on window events.
  • CHG: Automatic question dialog when navigating new address in MissionDesigner
  • CHG: More comfortable format of logging file.
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: Resizing window size of self-adjusting Browsers.
  • FIX: Avoiding scrolling to EOF when closing overlayed browser tab
  • CHG: Update setup dialogs, dialog headers, About dialog
  • CHG: Optimized display of new built browser windows
  • NEW: Display tag type on NavigationStep dialog
  • CHG: MissionDesigner: HTML elements only passive activatable, if navigation block mode is disabled.
  • FIX: Changed Title Bar (displayed in Microsoft Internet Explorer) left after closing
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: First corrections for online help.
  • FIX: File name is saved without path when changes were saved and occures error
    while loading the last opended Mission Project.
  • FIX: Excel references are vanished after executing Task Iteration, if changed
    references were not activated for saving.
  • NEW: Search for word expressions within HTML source code view.
  • FIX: List of variables & functions in DHTML ScriptEditor was still displayed
    although referred script file has been closed.
  • FIX: Dialog 'Save As' was displayed multiple times although current file has
    been already saved or saving has been canceled.
  • CHG: Corrections of translations, displayed Icons changed.
  • FIX: Mission Project files saved to a different folder than opened from
    because of changing folder by other activies

---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: Crash when entering Excel password without activation of Excel by pressing 'Start MS-Excel' button
  • FIX: Remote PopUp Messages; executed without DOS Prompt Window.
  • FIX: Intellisense not displayed if less than 30 characters entered before.
  • FIX: Pasting of text blocks into DHTML-ScriptEditor by different misc. font types.
  • FIX: Inserts of pasted text sometimes were not displayed/ refreshed by colorizing
  • New: Output-Console can be reseted before each Auto-Navigation.
  • NEW: Log file can be reseted before each Auto-Navigation.
  • FIX: eMail-time out not handled.
  • NEW: Choice of 3 start perspectives
  • FIX: Making buttons, controls, menus context sensitiv.
  • FIX: Splash-Screen holds if no start perspektive was specified.
  • FIX: Translation/ corrected ToolTip comments
  • NEW: eMail transmission (SMTP) with login transmission (POP3)
  • FIX: Dynamic Steps: Step configuration dialog does not show values already
    specified when opening again without saving.
  • NEW: Comment block for text comment DHTML ScriptEditor
  • NEW: ScriptConsole in DHTML ScriptEditor perspective.
  • FIX: Catching script errors during AutoNavigation tracing in Output Console.
  • NEW: Limited UnDo & ReDo in DHTML-ScriptEditor.
  • FIX: Faster colorizing of JavaScript source code.
  • CHG: Identifying of HTML listbox elements while parsing corrected.
  • NEW: International Version: Complete Online Help in English available (Hello World !).
  • NEW: Short-Intro (First Steps) on program start
  • FIX: Display Line numbering in ScriptEditor (Focus) corrected.
  • NEW: NavigationTasks without address Url defintion.
  • NEW: Enabling/ disabling of single NavigationTasks for Auto-(Mission)Navigation.
  • NEW: Enabling/ disabling of single NavigationTasks for HTML Testreport documentation.
  • NEW: Generating HTML test reports during AutoNavigation.
    Display in browser perspectives.
  • FIX: Closing end tags of XML files, if AutoNavigation was stopped.
  • CHG: Mission-Project elements node will be displayed closed.
  • NEW: PopUp Filter for self opened browser popups.
  • FIX: Reset of log file before every start of AutoNavigation.
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: System ID was deleted after executing Navigation with Dynamic Steps. and cant be executed a second time. Sorry!
  • FIX: Browser error occurred when new window was opend while low download rate or existing script errors raises.
  • FIX: Select of error tag elements within the Document-Structure-Pane occurred break.
  • FIX: Automatic update check was only processed after modem dial. Now all connection types checks for new updates
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: Label of Step Configurations dialog (Black Box).
  • FIX: Executing Script proceeds parsing the loaded document
  • FIX: Excel closes automatically after navigation .
  • FIX: Updates of menu Internet Favoriten after editing.
  • FIX: Internationl boolean values (english True/ False)
  • FIX: Activated toolbar code inserts in Script Editor.
  • FIX: Desktop flackering on switches between perspectives reduced.
  • FIX: Many bug misc. fixes (Language, display, Icons, etc.)
  • CHG: Automatic selection of options of of HTML Selectboxes from Excel if identical item exists in list.
  • CHG: Raise performance on Autonavigation reidentification via SystemID.
  • CHG: Document Parser now faster.
  • CHG: Validation of configured import/export sources. Now only one external source allowed. Preventing errors if configuration is invalid by messages.
  • CHG: Hyperlinks can be used for navigation or as SourceStep (Saving the displayed text)
  • CHG: New simple Examples, because of changes of current based sites
  • CHG: Update of German Online Help. Sorry to all others: An english help is coming soon. It is a lot of work to do it, please be patient...
  • NEW: Highligthing of inserts in Datamap.
  • NEW: All re-identifier attributes of an selected Navigation Step can be edited by dialog.
  • NEW: Elements of Mission Project Pane can be removed via Key 'Del'.
  • NEW: Menü item Internet Favorits integrated in MultipleBrowser perspective.
  • NEW: all main menu items in Office 2000 Style (also for XP).
  • NEW: Navigation Steps can be cnfigured as Dynamic Steps to read from table structure elements. Loops can be build to repeat all Steps within loop specification. Extracted values can be displayed in Datamap. (Note: only elements of one loop).
  • NEW: Images can be used as NavigationSteps. On selected images the click event will be executed in default.
  • NEW: Saving extracted values into XML or text files
  • NEW: Online Update Checker for checking new JStudio SiteWalker versions on www.jstudio.de. Can be disabled by user.
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
[05/04/03] REL: SITEWALKER VERSION 1.0.2c
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: Registration.exe adapted to Reg-Keys of SiteWalker No Revision change of SiteWalker - New Installation Package.
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
[04/28/03] REL: SITEWALKER VERSION 1.0.2b
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • FIX: Dialog NavigationStep Configuration fixed, Controls to edit input values 'manually Input' & Database Input visible now. Sorry!
  • FIX: Input in HTML-Element 'Textarea' can be also automated now.
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
[04/27/03] REL: SITEWALKER VERSION 1.0.2
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • NEW: Re-Identifier values (HTML element attributes) of added Navigation Steps can be edited by Input-Dialog.
  • FIX: Correct Diplay of Option Buttons under Windows XP
  • FIX: Visible and enabled Display of Options for choice of external SQL-Datasources in NavigationStep Dialog. Now Assignment of resultset fields is possible.
  • FIX: Import of result values of SELECT Statements into HTML Input Controls fixed.
  • FIX: Browser ./. Childbrowser References for inner Documents available
  • FIX: WindowClosing by internal HTML Elements now closes the current browser tab.
  • FIX: Display of correct Mission Projekt Node icons when changes were done on SQL or Excel Assignments.
  • FIX: Copy, Cut & Paste fixed; Context menu in Script-Editor avilable.
  • CHG: Script-Debugger (IE) deactivation default before executing JavaScripts in SiteWalker.
  • CHG: Cutomer defined brackets and Close within SQL statements.
  • CHG: Online-Help Pages 'Dokument structur Pane' & 'Mission Project Pane' added. (Bug of Microsofts HTML-Helper)
  • CHG: Suppression of Assignments of SELECT statements to NavigationSteps.
  • CHG: Change of Default value for statistic online information. Because of DSL problems default is 'disabled'. User with modem without using DSL can enable manually. Thanks Sven!
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
[04/15/03] REL: SITEWALKER VERSION 1.0.1
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
  • NEW: Properties 'brackets' & 'Close' in SQLDesigner added.
  • NEW: Script errors,occuring during auto navigation, will be shown with message in console.
  • NEW: Scheduler: All tasks can be activated via checkbox
  • NEW: Added examples to illustrate configuration of Mission Projects (German Stock Index DAX 30).
  • CHG: Seletion of Mission node is not necessary anymore for opening Scheduler dialog.
  • CHG: Task Navigation started from MultipageBrowser will be processed within current active browser window.
  • FIX: Task liste of menu MultipageBrowser will be updated, when tasks are added/ removed.
  • FIX: Many operation, changing the Mission Project enables the Save'-Button in Symbol menu.
  • FIX: Script errors, occuring while opening browser windows are handeled and do not crash anymore.
  • FIX: SiteWalker does not enforce value definition of attributes not allowing NULL values. These attributes can be ignored now. (e.g. auto triggered Primary Key fields)
  • FIX: Manifest-file to support Windows XP-Style was revised.
  • FIX: Errors in Favorite list will be trapped. Those Favorites will not be displayed.
  • FIX: Buttons Start/Break/Stop in symbol menu works - depending of navigation state - correct.
  • FIX: Datamap will be activted and shown, even if SiteWalker is shown in Foreground.
  • FIX: A few more Bugs (tooltips, text display usw.) fixed
  • FIX: Duplication Clipboard inserts in textboxes fixed
  • FIX: Multiple Nodes when overwriting script files in Project Form fixed
  • FIX: Duplication of script nodes in Project Form after inserting Excel cell references (when prev. Step includes script) fixed
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
[03/31/03] REL: SITEWALKER VERSION 1.0.0 [First Final]
---------- ------------------------------------------------------------------