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"I have evaluated many tools so far and I find yours is very useful and priced much lower than others. Some of the tools I looked at are $3000 or $4000 and don't do much more than yours."

Bob Mohler, IBM Global Services, Dallas/USA

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What JStudio SiteWalker can do for you

JStudio SiteWalker is an award-winning and powerfol testing tool and offers an intuitive and extensive solution for automating websites and web applications to execute functional tests, regression tests for web applications or to use websites as datasources.

Browser based Capture & Replay automation and dialog based working simplifies creation and maintainance of automated tests or websites content extraction. Comprehensible and easy to use, but powerful concepts enables you, to define test case defintions or datasources for saving or importing for each recorded HTML element - without any programming..

JStudio SiteWalker supports your project in those using areas:

Testing Web-Applications the professional way

Especially for testers easy to learn concepts allows creating test case automation also for users they must not be experts in automation - to integrate also developers and business staff into the testing process. Involving developers and business experience increases test quality by identifying and covering the critical processes of your application.

Convince yourself. View JStudio SiteWalker using areas and all the benefits - beginning at the automation of simple login forms up to complex web queries or automated tests - for a price that allows using all this on every computer.

Your advantages:

  • Reduce testing efforts by automated tests of webapplications or websites providing functional, regression or integration tests and save a lot of time on repetitive test phases after changes were made.
  • Fast creation & efficient maintainance of automated tests by easy to use element based automation that provides agile developement methods by fast test case creation and changes during the release cycle
  • No proprietary scripting languages or function libraries needed. Known concepts and easy to use dialogs reduces efforts and enables creating test case definition right from the start without beeing expert in test automation and enables the important project experts to contribute on testing process.
  • Perfect structered projects which meets your application processes by splitting application workflow context into different test cases to execute them together, separated or by processing loops.
  • Automated tests & authentic user simulation ensures that all test conditions are identical at different times and uses authentic dynamic behaviour of your front ends.
  • Logical operations, fail definitions, comparrisson of expected results ./. actual results about the website structure or displayed content and corresponding output messages can be flexible defined by the Quick Validator without programming.
  • Extensive tests by using JavaScript that provides unrestricted access on all Document Object Model elements of loaded pages to define any test conditions and simulate and test high dynamic GUIs.
  • Data driven tests by using data imports from Microsoft Excel or any database using ODBC. For comparrisons data from Microsoft Excel can be used and enables your business departments to distribute test data in their own format.
  • Clear structured HTML test reports of all activities and results enables full test case documentation of automated tests.
  • Created test cases are saved as auto navigation projects in files and can be used and edited by every member of your projects.
  • Supports all Internet technologies by browser based testing. HTTP, HTTPS/SSL, JavaScript, DHTML, ActiveX, Java - all features of your local Microsoft Internet Explorer is also supported by JStudio SiteWalker
  • Starting from command line/ batch files enables tests as integrated tasks of automated deployment or build processes.

Save a lot of time by (re)testing your web applications based on automated and authentic tests !

Automate web queries efficientely

An unlimited number of professional information services are available in the internet today: Stock prices, financial information, actual flight services, job portals, news etc. can be requested at every time from high quality websites. Unfortunately those information are available only for beeing displayed in the browser.

The usage of available free websites from different providers as datasources requires concepts to load websites, identify and extract content - and to enables you to react in flexible ways when website had changed. JStudio SiteWalker will do this.

JStudio SiteWalker allows to specify automated online queries to extract those information from websites and save them for your applications - without programming. Map your applications to different websites content and execute auto navigations - manually or time scheduled - to update your data by using the high advantage of online datasources...

Your advantages:

  • No time consuming surfing sessions to bring online information together. No saving of complete websites, but saving essential information data to Microsoft® Excel®, into XML files, text files or databases (via ODBC)
  • No manual updates / data input of Excel files or databases needed anymore.
  • No program code to navigate and access onto websites that can be changed by the provider anytime and cause a high effort to adapt code to changed page structure.
  • If websites has been changed by the provider auto navigation can be rebuilt or adjusted to new websites structure within minutes. Defining alternative websites for critical datasources allows switching to alternative auto navigations to avoid interrupting data supply.
  • Online data updates can be started manually or time scheduled as background process with automated dialing.
  • Separation of data program (JStudio SiteWalker) and client (your application)
  • To save to relational databases via SQL no third party software is required. JStudio SiteWalker offers a capable SQL tool - the integrated SQL Designer.
  • Control auto navigations by remote messages or email when online state changes or errors occures.
  • Logging of all online activities and navigation actions.
  • Auto Navigation and online queries are saved to separate files and - once created and tested - can be used and edited by all members of your projects. Importing Tasks allows file separation during developement and summarizing for central execution.

Use high level advantages by using websites as online datasources and minimize efforts for provision on actual information !

JStudio SiteWalker supports complete German and English language.

JStudio SiteWalker requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher to ensure a maximum of compatibility.

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Some features are available in JStudio SiteWalker Professional Edition only. Please refer to Features of different versions.