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"I have evaluated many tools so far and I find yours is very useful and priced much lower than others. Some of the tools I looked at are $3000 or $4000 and don't do much more than yours."

Bob Mohler, IBM Global Services, Dallas/USA

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Automating web processes

JStudio SiteWalker

Record website navigations by Capture & Replay and extract or validate valid elements on visited pages e.g. hyperlinks, input controls and text elements - easily by mouse click - and create your customized automated navigation and test cases just by browsing.

The MissionDesigner integrates an document structure pane that interacts with the browser, the Mission Project pane to manage all Navigation Tasks and Test Suite elements. Also an analog MacroRecorder is included to record activities based on coordinates and user events. Additional to HTML sensitive recording also ActiveX- and Applet application can be automated by the MacroRecorder.

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